Wednesday, May 25

i love having space

I need a place where I can go where I can whisper what I know
I love having this little url on the web where I can say it right
I don't have to be careful at all I can just speak my heart. :)

Being apart from someone you adore is grieving to your soul.
It's not a BAD thing or a SAD thing, just something...hard.
When all I really want to do is just see her smile or listen to her speak
and all I really can do is just think and think, but not too much
I don't want to molest the dream by obsessing about it.
So I try to dip my thought just enough to soil the edges. :)

Grief stems from real love for someone or something.

How do I feel you ask?

grief. simply. grief.

Monday, April 18

I am in love with a girl named kate.
OH when i hear the name!
my heart gets all filled up with butterflies
and my lungs forget to move.

she is leaving soon
for a century
but 4 months is a good time to be apart.

I hope it works out ya know.
I really like this one.
I am taking it slow.
but Peter must have his adventures!

that old clock ticks
i wish it could speak
i'd ask it what will happen
with kate.


Monday, April 11


with honor.

now back to write.

typing and tapping my heart to this screen.


it's good to be back.

ps, i think i'm in love. :)

Monday, January 19





man i wish i wasn't sick.

Tuesday, January 13


Thoughts incubate our dreams, you are my happy thought
with a little fairy dust i've learned to fly
given by the one you have to clap for or she'll die.
And so believe and you'll be where you need to be
i wouldn't mind if it was next to me.

Love bridges two hearts across a river that seems impossible to gap
distance makes it hard to maintain but i would work til the end of my days
to build my bridge toward your heart just tell me where to start


cuz true love is dreaming
true love is being
true love is giving
true love is freeing

She makes me wonder why a twitter pated smile
a blushful giggle girl you're so inspired
i try, to love
i do, to live
she makes me hap hap happy so i do a little jig
but most of why i love you it is this
you make me better than i am so i dream big.

I see your acts and stand in awe, i hear you voice and die
they say cambells chicken noodle is good for the soul i would have to say they're wrong
because you my darling are the sure best thing for any soul and any qualm


i closed my eyes that's when i saw my dream has been here all along
one night i dreamed of you
i knew everything was true
no more flu no more blues is it true



Sunday, January 4

Catch a Falling Star

One of the most Under Rated songs ever written, Catch a Falling Star. What ever happened to good music. And the importance of lyrics? Let me Break it down....

Catch a Falling Star
( In Grease during the first Olympics there was a sport called catching a falling star, where one would jump off a platform opponent as his team mate passed him a Ball... Very Symbolic)

Put it in your Pocket
( This is obviously hinting toward Relegion and the values (star) that you need to grasp and " Put in your Pocket")

Save it for a Rainy Day
( This is pointing out the importance of saving money and being thrifty which is very important to the U.S. today, Which is what the Rainy Day stands for... The economy.)

And the whole point of putting the song in rounds ( which is music Genius) is most importantly showing our needs to be different and stand out.

It is important that we remember to sing this song at least 4 times a day. Or whenever a good group of friends come along. No messing around. Love you

Chase Ramsey

i live

yes you thought i was dead.

but i live.

love eric


peter pan

(now a word from Chase)