Wednesday, May 25

i love having space

I need a place where I can go where I can whisper what I know
I love having this little url on the web where I can say it right
I don't have to be careful at all I can just speak my heart. :)

Being apart from someone you adore is grieving to your soul.
It's not a BAD thing or a SAD thing, just something...hard.
When all I really want to do is just see her smile or listen to her speak
and all I really can do is just think and think, but not too much
I don't want to molest the dream by obsessing about it.
So I try to dip my thought just enough to soil the edges. :)

Grief stems from real love for someone or something.

How do I feel you ask?

grief. simply. grief.


Preston said...

I love how you have posted so much lately!

Preston said...

You should really start posting again. Blogs are good for you.